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Hair Treatments

Please find descriptions of our hair treatments:


                                             Redken SEQ


Is a semi-permanent colour which also gives a high gloss to the hair. You can have the treatment without the colour if you just want your hair to have a great shine.




A lightening product used in the same way as bleach. You have available five different toners to achieve the best shade. The product only starts developing once placed under heat, so all foils with reach the same colour at the same time.



                                            Amargan Oil


Amargan hair theropy oil instantly absorbs into the hair, this conditioning oil helps eliminate frizz, adds shine, detangles and strengthens all hair types, leaving no oily residue.



                                           Caviar CC Cream

This CC cream is a conditioning product that perfects hair in 10 different ways.


1. Moisture   2. Shine   3. Smoothness   4. Softness   5. UV protection 

6. Light hold   7. Heat protection   8. Anti-breakage   9. Strength 

10. Manageability