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Beauty Treatments

Please find descriptions of our beauty treatments:

Hand & Feet Treats

Shape & Varnish - Nails shaped and your choice of OPI nail polish.

Manicure- Nail tidy,cuticle softening and removing,relaxing massage and polish of your choice.

Heavenly Hands- Nail tidy,cuticle softening and removing,relaxing massage,Thai hand scrub,Thai mask and polish of your choice.

Pedicure- Nail tidy,cuticle softening and removing,Thai scrub,relaxing massage and polish of your choice.

Fantastic Feet- Nail tidy,cuticle softening and removing,relaxing massage,Thai mask and polish of your choice.




Longer lasting manicure

Nail tidy,cuticle softening and removing.NO tips.

Gel is applied to natural nail.

Last 2-3 weeks.





Pre care: 24 hours prior to having a tan, exfoliate, moiturise and remove all unwanted hair.


On the day shower as normal but do not apply deodrant, moisturiser or make-up.


Remember to wear loose, black clothing and flip flops.


Home care: Shower off tan and moisturise after. Remember to moistrise after every shower and the tan will last 7 days. After three days start lightly exfoliating when showering which makes is less obviously when it starts fading.




Eye Treatments

Clients who have not had tinting or perming before will have to have a patch test 48 hours prior the treament.


Eyebrow/Eyelash tinting- applying colour which will last 4-6 weeks.

colours available: brown, black or blue/black.


Eyelash Perming- Perfect for clients who have very straight eyelashes. It gives you a natural curve to the lashes.

Treatment takes an hour.


Eyelash Extensions- False eyelash extensions applied to your own eyelashes. Last 8 weeks depending on the cycle of your own lashes. We lose our own lashes every 6 weeks. Can be very natural looking but also can choose to have them fuller and longer.

Thalgo Facial

Thalgo uses the riches of the sea so you can benefit from powerful healing, revitalising and re-balancing properties vital for health and well being. The exceptional face and body treatments offer spectacular results in purifying, hydrating, firming, slimming, problem skins and total relaxation. Let the beauty of the sea take care of you……


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